Things We Lost in the Fire

  1. One set of Lalique fruit nappies (12).
  2. Complete Criterion Collection on Blu-Ray.
  3. Dog Tuxedoes (1 vintage).
  4. Wine journals purchased on trip to Harrods last year.
  5. One lesser Tintoretto.
  6. One set of Versace towels (and matching shower curtain) – Monogrammed.
  7. Oldest known Haida handcarved dildo (irreplacable).
  8. Chutney collection from trip to India 2009.
  9. Artisinal salts (one case).
  10. Collection of Paul McCartney’s collar stays from the Sargeant Pepper’s era.
  11. Bottle of balsamic vinegar from Mussolini’s bunker.
  12. Rejected Harry Potter manuscipt (hand-typed).
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