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Trashfuture: No Safe Spaces in Airport Security

We discussed Airport Security at Heathrow, Pete Buttigieg, and making soup

Blocked Party: Karen Geier vs. Ed Krassenstein

We talked about Candy Crush, Mental Samurai, and why Ed Krassenstein wrote Karen a letter to explain why Russia made him be rude.

Extra Hot Great: Getting On Our High Horse To Talk About HBO’s Catherine The Great

We discussed HBO’s Catherine the Great and Karen made a Righteous Gemstones Canon presentation.

49th Parahell: Concrete Crisis

THREEPEAT! We talked about Andy Ngo and the Milkshake Grift

Contrarian Court: Episode 8

I argued that Twitter is good for society by means of Shep Smith and some Llamas.

Struggle Session: Disdain

We talked about Wayfair, Louis CK and The Manson Family

QAnon Anonymous: Bonus Episode: Madeleine McCann, the Podestas, and Pizzagate

I bust the myth that John Podesta abducted Madeleine McCann

QAnon Anonymous: Premium Episode 7 Psychology

We discuss whether QAnon is a cult, and Blood Libel myths

Intangible Quarter: Ep.33,”One For The Angels,”

We discuss Christmas in Graceland, which we all wish had died on a toilet.

Dave and Jeb Aren’t Mean: 038- Twang Mess of Grace Lint

We discuss Christmas in Graceland, which we all wish had died on a toilet.

Shitpost 34

We paid tribute to those lost in the posting wars.

49th Parahell: Ashamed Boys

We discussed The Proud Boys

49th Parahell: Rebel With  A Cause

We discussed The Danforth Shooting

This Week in Atrocity: Kingdom Come

We discussed Rob Ford and Donald Trump’s similarities