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Hi! I’m Karen.

I am a person who doesn’t like to sit still. I live and work in Toronto, Ontario.

I am available to help companies build out their Content Strategies. I have worked with small businesses all the way up to Fortune 100 companies.

I have written courses and whitepapers to teach executives how to use and leverage social media. I also give seminars and training sessions to small groups.

If your company needs help, I would be glad to talk to you.


Here is a recent essay I wrote for Medium called I Modeled in China


You may remember me from such Twitter events as Owning the Editor In Chief of The Sun on Climate Change.

Here is an article I wrote about That Barron Trump Tweet

Here is a recent interview I did with Newstalk 1010 about the Barron Trump Story

Here is a piece from Medium that I wrote about Twitter security that went viral.

Here is another recent piece that went viral about Artists Boycotting Donald Trump

Here’s a comedic piece I wrote for The Guardian.

Here is another  piece I wrote for Serious Eats’ Premium Channel



I also write on the subject of Content Marketing and Social Media for Marketwired.

I have also covered Start-Ups for the Huffington Post.

I have been a contributor to Global News on the subjects of Marketing and Social Media, and have written on workplace issues for Workopolis.

I also conduct interviews with Comedians, which have been featured on Huffington Post Comedy, The Interrobang, and Splitsider

Sometimes, I even write comedic pieces myself.

I contribute comedic pieces to Cafe regularly.



I also help businesses build websites, big and small on the WordPress platform. If you need help, talk to me.

To find all the places I hang out online, hit up my profile.

This is a picture of my dog, Casanova Frankenstein. His tongue sticks out like that a lot.